Monday, May 12, 2008

Shopping Styles

Shopping with my husband is shall we say...........challenging.

You see, we shop in totally different ways. He is a quick decision maker. He can walk into a store, find something he likes immediately and have no problems buying it right there on the spot.

My shopping style is the complete opposite. I need to be absolutely positive I love the thing before I'll sign on the dotted line. This goes for big and small items. Whether it's a new dining room table or a t-shirt from walmart. I need a little time before I'll commit.

As you can guess this posses a little frustration on both our ends, as we try to shop together. We can usually find a compromise between our two distinct styles, although this all depends on both our moods on any given shopping trip.

This weekend we bought a new rug and two new chairs for our living room. We also bought a dinning room table. For the most part we were able to agree on everything. (although I do have to admit, there was a little tension along the way.)

I made some quick decisions and Chris allowed me some time to come to terms with the bigger purchases. (he also didn't put up a fight when it came to the purchase of our dinning room table.....I ended up finding something I liked better after we had already bought one, and decided to return the first one and buy the one I was really happy with.....after all we are going to have this dinning set for many years -right??!!)

Whew!! I need a little time away from big purchases, and big decisions....I think I'll stick to finding just the right accessories to complement our recent purchases. Hopefully I can do this without breaking into too much of a sweat :)

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