Saturday, June 14, 2008

Circle of Life


"What was that?!" Chris asked

"It sounded like someone threw something at our window." I said as I got up to inspect our dinning room window. After a quick glance, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

"Hmmmm, I guess not...."

A while later we were sitting at the kitchen table eating lunch and noticed a magpie sitting in the middle of our backyard. He's busy, plucking away at something......GROSS!!- he is actually eating another bird! Right there in the middle of our yard! There he was plucking out all the feathers and then off he flew, carrying his dinner with him.....

After he flew away I sent Chris out to make sure there weren't any leftovers, after all that is where our kids go out to play :(

So, out he goes. He checks out the spot and nope we don't have to worry. He decides to check out the rest of the backyard. When he gets closer to our dinning room window, he notices feathers stuck to it.....and laying beneath is another dead bird! Poor little birds flew straight into our window!!! ( so we really weren't hallucinating when we heard that loud BANG!)

Chris thinks it's because from the outside you can see straight through that window all the way to the outside in the front. Poor birdies didn't know there was actually a window there.

Chris came back in to figure out what to do with the poor bird, meanwhile Mr. Magpie came back for his second course. He was circling around the spot where our little friend lay...... and before we knew it, off he flew with the second little birdie.

I guess one good thing came out of Chris doesn't need to worry about disposing the body.


I suppose it's all part of the circle of life.....however I do prefer to watch the circle of life on the Lion King rather than in my own backyard!

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