Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Our big girl has graduated from crib to bed....well, toddler bed that is:)
Today Chris and I purchased a toddler bed for our daughter in order to free up the crib for baby sister. We figured that we could take this next month to train big sister and still have the crib as a backup before the baby really needs it. We'll have to see how the night goes. She is very interested in her new bed and loves to stand on it, smiling and clapping :) Here's hoping she'll have a good quiet sleep and won't get out of bed!!

Our big girl slept all night in her brand new bed!! We were so proud of her. Thankfully she didn't venture out once :)

Now her naps are another story!!! She had been caught many times unloading all the clothes from her dresser and playing amidst all the clean laundry- so with that, she's in the crib for nap time when her room is light and the dresser proves to be just a little too tempting. She is perfect at night though she just falls right to sleep without getting up. I figure that's pretty good for a 15 month old!! Hooray for our big girl!!
Now if we could just figure out nap time.......

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