Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today we had some family pictures taken. Our good friend Robert offered to take them for us. So this morning we all headed out to Spruce Meadows after breakfast and took a few shots. I must say I am completely pleased with the results.

Yes- most of the pictures have at least one, if not all the kids looking off in random directions:

Yes- a few of the pictures have crying kids in them:

- some of them just capture the moment so perfectly:

(Even if that moment is one of frustration (take a closer look at Chris' expression in the second one) because all three kids are getting bored and hungry and sleepy. It's nice to have some honest pictures too!

- some of them just make me smile.

I love all of them beacause they really do just show where we are as a family. Three beautiful kids all under the age of five, who graciously put up with mommy wanting to have a photo-shoot to remember this crazy time :)
Thanks so much Robert. You took some amazing ones !

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