Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Flowers

Tonight we ate dinner at my dad's house. It was such a beautiful evening that I decided that the kids and I would walk home. (we live just a few blocks away)

While we were walking home my adorable son made me a beautiful bouquet of dandelions. Every time his eyes fell upon one, he would bend down and pick it up for me.

As he brought me each treasure he'd say something like:

"I love you so much mommy"


"you're my favorite mommy"

One time after bringing me a couple more to add to the bunch he surprised me by saying:

"Mommy I'm giving you these flowers because you are sad. Now you can be happy because flowers make you happy"

I just stared at my little man with love bursting from my heart......earlier that day I was having "a moment" and was crying. Sometime life just seems to be overwhelming. I get so frustrated that Chris is not healed.....I had thought our son was downstairs playing- but he caught me as I was letting my heart unload. As soon as he saw me he asked what was wrong. I told him that I was just a little sad, and quickly distracted him with some of his toys.

It always amazes me how much our kids are really affected by us. I mean, this was hours later and here he was picking flowers for me to make me happy.....

When we got home he ran inside. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing, because I was busy getting the girls settled in. A few minutes later he called me upstairs excited to show me something he had done.

"Oh Mommy" he said "You are just gonna love this!"

He brought me into our master bathroom and showed me this:

So sweet! He had put the flowers in the pot of artificial ones I have.

"See mommy, now all your beautiful flowers are together." He said proudly.

I couldn't help but smile.....and he was right about the flowers- they DID make me happy:)

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