Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We survived.... er, rather I survived....

Our big boy went to school yesterday and I managed to make it through the day.

As I walked him to his classroom I kept stealing glances at him wondering, if he was as nervous as I was. His expression showed a mix of excitement and awe. He looked like he was just simply taking it all in.

After hanging up his backpack and putting on his indoor shoes, we held hands and walked into his classroom together. His teacher greeted him with a smile and showed him where to put his extra clothes and the box of Kleenex be was asked to bring. Then she pointed out where the other boys were playing.
I began showing her his medication, and we figured out a safe place to keep it in case he had an allergic reaction. I looked around and noticed that he was happily playing with the other boys.

Then it dawned on me.....he didn't even say goodbye. No kiss. No hug. Not even an "I'll see ya later mom"!! I was tempted to run over to him, wrap him tightly in my arms and reassure him that I would be back in a couple hours.....but then I thought maybe I might freak him out (just a little) with an emotional outburst like that! So I quietly left the room, proud that my boy was comfortable enough to not even notice I was gone....but also a little sad that he didn't need me more than he did.

When I went to pick him up a couple hours later, I saw him walking innocently out of the classroom to collect his backpack. He noticed me right away and a huge grin spread across is sweet face. "MOMMY!!!" he yelled and came running into my arms. Ahhhh.....that was the best part of my day :)
I just can't believe it- my boy is in KINDERGARTEN......and so begins a new chapter for our family!

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