Friday, November 21, 2008

The Mother Letters

Today I read the sweetest thing ever!

Shannon (over at Rocks in my Dryer) wrote about a couple who have decided to make each others Christmas gifts this year. They are planning on sending the money they would have spent on one another to a village in Africa that the husband had recently visited. Awesome idea! (but it doesn't stop there.)

This amazing husband hatched up a beautiful idea called The Mother Letter Project. Basically he's asking any and all mothers to send him a letter of encouragement offering up their best advice to a young mother. He will then make a book of all these letters to give to his wife on Christmas morning. See, I told you it was sweet!
All of the moms who send him a letter will also receive a copy of all the letters.

This idea is especially wonderful to me, because I often wonder what wisdom my mom would have been able to share with me. I miss her so much, especially since having children. What experiences and advice would she have been able to share? I am excited to have the opportunity to share some of what I've learnt. Though I am so very, very far from being perfect, hopefully I can simply encourage this woman (and the many others that will read these letters) that even though we are all from different backgrounds and though we may experience different circumstances we all are bonded by the threads of motherhood.

We all love, with an amazing capacity that could only be explained by the grace of God.

We all get exhausted.

We all at some point feel like we've blown it.

We all NEED each other.

We need to be encouraged and be that encouragement to someone else.

I hope that by taking part in this amazing project that I will be able to do both :)

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