Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby it's cold outside!!

brrr it's our city hit the -40C club.


It's funny how every year the freezing cold temperatures shock me. In my head I know that they're coming, but I suppose my body is in denial until that first blast of cold wind hits and nearly knocks me right over!

I must admit this year I have been in hibernation mode. With three small kids I only leave the house when absolutely necessary....which really means we have only left to pick up my son from school. Other than that we've been taking it easy, staying warm inside. I've noticed that I've been able to get a little creative when it comes to dinner. I've been just using up what we have here, instead of running to the store nearly everyday to pick up some ingredient or another. This has been a valuable lesson fro me. I intend on following this suit even after it warms up. My goal is to hit the grocery store just once a week!

Back in November I wrote about how I love winter. I do.....I just wish it would warm up a little so I could send these crazy kids outside to play in the snow! They have a little too much energy built up.......

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