Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Classroom Helper

Today I had the awesome privilege of volunteering in my son's kindergarten class.
Oh my word, are they all ever cute!

This morning, as we were getting ready to go, he could hardly contain himself. His little giggles, and excited chatter almost made me want to kiss the cuteness right off him!

Normally Chris drops him off in the morning, so today was our special time- just the two of us!
His excitement to 'show off' his mommy was adorable.

"This is my mommy- Sara"
He said proudly when his teacher asked him to introduce me. His teacher then announced that he would be the "Helping Hand" for the day. (I wish I had a camera to catch the expression on his face!)

As I got to work cutting crafts and organizing different papers for his teacher, they all sat down for circle time.

Then, from the back of the classroom I heard the cutest sound. My big boy stood proudly as he led his little friends in the morning prayer. He then helped his teacher with the calendar.
But my absolute favorite part was when he led the "Good Morning" song. His voice was just so quiet. So adorable. So pure. I'm not even sure if I can properly portray just exactly what it felt like to hear him. I know it may not seem like much, but it will be a memory that I will cherish for many years to come.

Every few minutes throughout the morning he'd stop what he was doing and come up to where I was and give me a big hug or kiss.

Then, at craft time it was completely quiet in the room when all of a sudden he started singing Jingle Bells.... (his teacher and I shared a smile and a little giggle at that one!)

Oh my big boy. I really can't tell you how much I adore you. I can hardly believe how big you are. You made mommy feel so special today. I am so very proud of you.
I love you always.


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