Monday, December 1, 2008

Music Lessons

Our son has shown some interest in leaning to play the piano.....actually to be completely honest he really, really, REALLY wants to play the drums. But since we don't have a drum set at home, he settles for the piano.

Today he hopped on and began playing random notes. When he was done "practicing" he called his sisters and I in to hear his "song list". (Chris leads worship at our church and every Saturday night he puts together a song list of what he is going to play the following morning. Our five year old thinks that a "song list" means playing an actual song!)

My girls and I sit down to hear big brother play (Along with a few of his transformers that he had lined along the piano as part of his audience)

Now, imagine random notes being played as he sings....."Optimus Prime, I don't want you to fall...Ohhhhh Bumble Bee you are so good....Ratchet you are awesome....lalalalala"


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