Friday, November 28, 2008

Can We Say Embarrassing??

OMG, people, OMG!

I can not believe what happened to me today. I think I can categorize it as one- if not THE most embarrassing moment EVER.

So, here's the story..... Chris and I are reapplying for our life insurance, in the hopes to lower our premiums, because Chris' stomach condition has not changed since we first got our insurance. We needed to have our medical evaluations done again. (This is where they send someone to your house to complete a medical questionnaire, take your blood pressure, draw some blood ect. )

Last week I scheduled our appointment for this morning. No Problem.
The lady called last night to confirm our appointment. No Problem.
This morning I awoke to the doorbell ringing. PROBLEM!!

I completely forgot about it! I mean I was in my pajamas, complete with bed hair and teeth un-brushed answering the door to our poor insurance lady. How does one forget something like this- especially having just confirmed the appointment mere hours before?!

I could try a few excuses:
  • our big boy was up sick for part of the night.
  • baby girl was up crying most of the night
  • I haven't really gotten rid of this 'baby brain' yet, having three small kids plays a role-right??
But the truth is I really don't have an excuse. I just plain old forgot. I forgot even before the night came. I didn't even tell Chris about it when he got home from work last night.
He definitely would have remembered- had I told him. Oops! Instead he just went to work in the morning as usual. Thankfully his office is only minutes away and he wasn't in a meeting when he received my panicked call of "Come home right now!!"

Seriously who forgets an appointment like that?
I suppose this too shall pass and I'll be able to laugh about it one day. But for now I'd like to just crawl under my covers and never come out to face another human being again....

My cheeks are still red from embarrassment.....oh boy....

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