Thursday, November 27, 2008

Did somebody say Chicken??

When we first got married I think we ate chicken practically every night. The odd time I'd throw in something really special like spaghetti or tacos, but for the most part I stuck to what I did best.

I thought I was providing variety because I'd make it in a dozen different ways - baked with different sauces, breaded, BBQ. I made chicken quesadillas, chicken stir-fry and chicken salads. Only problem was it was always chicken! Chicken, chicken, chicken!

My lovely husband 'encouraged' me to venture out into the land of Red Meat :)
Now, eight years later, I can happily report that yes we still eat chicken, but it is definitely in moderation.

I think back to those early days and can't help but laugh at how clueless I was- not that I'm even close to a gourmet chef now. But I have grown to love being in the kitchen. I especially love trying out new recipes and getting everyones reactions.

Now.....what should I make for dinner tonight....hmmmm......chicken maybe??
Hahahaha! Just Kidding :)

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