Friday, February 27, 2009

Victory on the Horizon

Good news!
It looks like our big boy's milk allergy might be gone!
(Thanks so much for your prayers!)

His skin test for the milk came back negative. Yes!
His allergist has now scheduled him to come back in to do a milk challenge. This is where he will be given milk in the doctors office and will be closely monitored for any reaction. If he has no reaction he will be given the go-ahead to have milk in his diet!
I am so excited! Thank you Lord!
When our sweet boy heard his doctor say this he smiled and said "Mmmm, now I can have some chocolate!"

Now onto the eggs...... his skin test showed a positive to the eggs, but the good news is that his blood test value came down by more that half since last year, so his allergist thinks that by next year we will be able to challenge the eggs as well. Hooray!

The peanuts are still our biggest battle. He reacted quite badly on the skin test, and so he is still considered anaphylactic to nuts. The good news is that although his blood test number still remains quite high, it has come down 10 points from last year!

So, how do I feel about these results? Honestly I am torn.
I am so, so, SO excited at the idea of being able to reintroduce milk into our son's diet. You can't even imagine how much easier mealtime will be around here. I am also thankful that his allergies on a whole seem to be getting better.
On the other side though, I am definitely being stretched in my faith. I've written before on my struggle with understanding healings.
I know that he can be completely healed and would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in the fact that his egg and peanut allergies are still there. I fully expected to hear that all of his allergies would be thing's for sure I am definitely learning to keep my eyes fixed on God and am trusting Him to lead me!

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  1. Good to hear that he might be over the milk allergy. My father-in-law is highly allergic to eggs. He can not have anything with eggs in it. Some doctors in the UK might have found a cure for peanut allergies. I wrote about it on Healthy Moms last week. You might want to check out my article. Food allergies can be frustrating and challenging. My son does not have food allergies but he has multiple food protein intolerance which is just as frustrating. Good luck with your son's allergies.


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