Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enthralled by Your Beauty

It's March 1st and time for another memory verse!
If you're new here I have been participating in this challenge along with thousands of others over at the LPM blog.
Honestly, I have been so encouraged by the scriptures I have chosen to memorize. This one is no different. The funny thing is that I've heard this scripture many times before and never really thought too much about it, for some reason though this time it really struck me. It is as if The King Himself has whispered it into my heart and I will never be the same.

When I was a little girl I loved playing dress up. I especially loved pretending I was a princess. I would play for hours pretending to be trapped in some castle awaiting my knight. I loved feeling beautiful and important. I especially loved the feeling of being wanted. That there was a prince out there looking for me. Fighting for me.

The truth is I did have a prince- A King in fact- looking for me. Fighting for me. I just didn't know it at the time :)

The scripture I choose this time is one that I am just blown away by. I can not even begin to comprehend all that it means for my life.....

'The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. '
Psalm 45:11

Pardon me? He is what? Enthralled? By what?
Do you hear that, my friends? He is enthralled by your beauty!
Even when I feel ugly? Even as I sit here in my pajamas, no makeup, haven't had a shower, he is enthralled??

The second part of this scripture is what has really struck me.

.....Honor him, for he is your Lord.

How can I honor him? I've been sitting here thinking of how I can honor him in relation to this scripture and a couple different things come to mind:

The first is that I can honor him by seeing myself through his eyes. He sees beauty. (remember- he is enthralled in that beauty!)
Most of the time I don't.
Sure, I'm ok with the way I look and I have certainly come a very far way in my self esteem since becoming a Christian 10 years ago, but I certainly do not think that mine is the beauty in which a King would be enthralled in......but I'm wrong! I need to stop comparing myself to other woman and start seeing myself through his eyes!

The second way I can honor him is by being beautiful. Now, I'm not talking about the outward beauty, no, I'm talking about the inward beauty. The way I treat myself and others. The way I talk to myself and others.
What it really comes down to is this:
The best way I can honor my king is to act like a princess:

Selfless & Hard working like Cinderella.
Brave & Loyal like Mulan
Friendly & Gentle like SnowWhite.
Adventurous & Determined like Ariel
Smart & Ambitious like Belle
Honest & Confident like Jasmine

Each one of these princesses went on a journey to discover who she was, and what she had to offer and each one came away a stronger and more confident woman.

Like these princess, I may not have started off knowing who I am or what I have to offer, but like them I have found my strength and my confidence. The only difference is that I have found them in my King.
I am believing in who He says I am!
I am royalty. His daughter. His princess........ and He is enthralled in my beauty!


  1. this is a terrific post! "enthralled in my beauty" i want to honor him by believing it. i am so gonna claim this verse, i need to.
    working through not being a "punching bag" i had a hard time hearing God tell me i am a "beautiful bride." but i want to. i want to treat myself like someone God is enthralled with. imagine how Jesus spills out of people who believe they are beloved.

    thank you for this post sara.

  2. I loved this post! LOVED it!

    I have been enjoying visiting your space and would love others to do the same. Do you mind if I add you to my sidebar on my blog?


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