Sunday, March 1, 2009

Menu Plan Mar 2- 8

This past week I did not follow my menu very well.
We were all sick and so for the most part I just pulled soups and casseroles from the freezer.
So, this week's menu is going to look an awful lot like last week's :)

Monday: Hawaiian Meatballs with rice
Tuesday: Chris has boys night. The kids and I will have Tacos
Wednesday: Steak Bites
Thursday: Spicy Honey Chicken
Friday: No Cooking. We're going to my Grandma's for her birthday dinner.
Saturday: Ham with rice and vegs
Sunday: Lasagna

For more menu ideas visit Org Junkie!


  1. oooh...yum on the spicy honey chicken!

  2. The recipes sound and look great. I am sorry that your family had a week of the crud, from what I've seen and heard it is pretty nasty.

    Elaine H


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