Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Budding Photographer

This morning my son asked me if he could take a few pictures using my camera.
He absolutely loves taking pictures and is always begging me to let him use my camera, which is so much cooler than his toy camera- because it has a flash!
I think his love for photography may stem from the fact that I'm always pulling out the camera and forcing him to smile that he figures if he's holding the camera he won't have to be in any of them!

So, after a lot of begging, I broke down and let him take a few with the camera on my cell phone and here's what he came back with....
Big sister playing with the toy camera:

Close up of said camera:

Random Hockey Toys:

After showing me these *beautiful* shots, he got all excited and ran off. He came back a few minutes later with this:

"Here" he said proudly "This one is for your website!"

Ok, I just realized that maybe you have no idea why I find this so funny, so here are a few posts that may explain it a little.

Chili Recipe

Sticky Chicken what could I make with Jello, Raspberry Jam & Alphagetti?
Any suggestions?


  1. Ha! That's hilarious that he put together a picture for your blog. Kids are so perceptive!

    And absolutely, it's no problem to add me!

    Oh yes, and the winner had guessed 2/3. Not too shabby.

  2. Love that he said "this one is for your website". They are just so smart and adorable (all at the same time)!


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