Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My Darling Girl,

Happy 2nd Birthday!
Your Daddy and I love you SO much!
You are such a sweet part of our family. I can remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. The first time I held you I felt so overwhelmed by you. You were perfect, my little princess :)

I can hardly believe that two years have past!

Oh, my big girl. You have grow into such a fun, loving and independent little girl. You like to do everything on your own and insist on doing the same things your big brother is doing. Although you are very independent, I am so thankful that you still love to climb up into my lap and snuggle.

You can always be found with your blanket. You do have a favorite one, but you'll take any blanket as long as it's soft. You have somehow claimed all blankets as your own (even your little sister's that has her name stitched on it.)

(Truthfully, it doesn't even actually have to be a blanket, anything soft will do- a stuffed animal, a towel, your sweater, mommy or daddy's sleeve. Hahaha. You just need something to rub your face while you suck your thumb!)

You have certainly found your voice and love to talk up a storm! You also love to dance. Anytime you hear music, whether it's just on in the house, at church, in a store, or even while sitting in your carseat in the van, you will start movin' and grovin'. I love watching you dance. You are so adorable with your little arms waving as you bounce up and down!

You have a huge fascination with shoes (oh boy- I think I'm in trouble already! Your favorite pair right now is your Pink 'Winnie the Pooh' rain boots, which you wear everyday-ALL day.)

Your favorite thing to do is definitely go for walks.
You are so excited to see the world and I am enjoying watching you learn. Everything is a new adventure through your eyes.
Now that the weather is nice we spend a lot of time outside. Today we had a wonderful time walking outside. You found lots of pine cones, and loved splashing in the puddles and picking up rocks.

I have to say, you are definitely the comedian of the family. You do lots of silly things and can easily make people laugh. Your laugh is so contagious and joyful.

Even tonight you were making everyone laugh. You kept teasing us, pretending like you were going to take a big bite out of your cake, but just as you'd get down close you'd pop your head up and start laughing....over and over and over.... You are so silly!

Oh, sweet baby I love you and am blessed beyond measure to be your mommy!

Love Always and Forever,


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  1. so sweet, Sara! What a beautiful post about your daughter :)


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