Monday, April 6, 2009

An Emotional Outburst

DISCLAIMER: My husband reads my blog. The story that I'm about to share is one that I was going to keep to myself. A story that I could smile and giggle at for many years to come :)
He is actually the one that encouraged me to write it (and by encourage I mean, he said I really should write it because lately my content has been more on the heavy side and maybe you guys needed a good laugh.)
I have his full blessing, so if you think I'm being mean by sharing this story, blame it on him!

First of all, I want you all to know how wonderful my husband is. Seriously. He is wonderful. I love being married to him and everyday he surprises me a little more.....

On Saturday afternoon Chris went out to run a few errands and came home with a movie to watch for the night. He choose Marley & Me- for me. (this was not a surprise as he quite often will rent movies that he thinks I will like) Now, secretly, he does enjoy a good chick flick....shhh don't tell any of his friends.... but I know that if he was only thinking of himself, he would choose an action, or mystery, or pretty much any type of movie before he would choose a chick flick.

Here's the trailer:

Marley & Me is a very sweet movie about a couple and their adventure in starting a family which include that cute dog Marley.
We both really enjoyed watching it.
It made us laugh- a lot! There were many scenes that reminded us of our own family, in fact, as we were watching the movie Chris kept commenting on how much he was reminded of us. There were also many scenes that just made us both giggle, simply because it was just plain funny or we could picture whatever it was happening to us.
I really recommend renting this one, if you haven't seen it already. It is a very cute movie.

WARNING: Do NOT read the rest of this post if you are planning on watching this movie. I don't technically give away the ending, but from what I do write, you will likely be able to guess what happens. Ok. You have been fairly warned :)

As we were getting to the end of the movie I stole a glance over at my hubby and from the corner of my eye I could see his face start to change...

"Are you crying?" I asked

To which he gave an immediate sniff, "Yah" sniff, sniff, and then he quickly attempted to wipe away the tears.....

"Awww" I say smiling.

Then to my complete shock he moves from quietly crying to completely sobbing.
I'm being totally serious when I say- SOBBING!
His face is wet with fresh tears, his lip is quivering and he is in full on sob-mode. He quickly gets up muttering something resembling "I can't watch this" and runs into the next room.

Now yes, it IS a sad part of the movie, but I am honestly surprised by his emotional reaction. A few tears I could expect, he has been know in the past to shed a tear or two during movies, in fact he always jokes about me having a stone heart, because he cries more in movies than I do, but never have I witnessed such emotion come out of him while watching a movie.

After "that" scene was over he was able to make his way back to the family room and watch the rest of the movie from the doorway. I think he was afraid to come sit next to me for fear that I'd say something else to him that would open the floodgates again.

Don't worry, he's fine. We both had a little giggle about the whole thing afterwards.

I'm poking fun, yes, but honestly I can say that I am more in love with him, after seeing him break down like that, than I have ever been. There is something about a man letting his emotions go like that that just completely melts my heart.

So there you have it.... Marley & Me is a funny movie that has been known to make a grown man cry :)

Honey, I want you to know I completely love you, even if you do cry more than I do ;)


  1. aww! That's so sweet. I read the book, so I know why he was crying. I get it. I can picture the sobbing. Because it is probably what will be happening over here when we watch it.

    Glad you enjoyed the flick. :)

  2. sweet. In his defense, it was a tear jerker!!

  3. i want to see my husband cry (it has been a really long time)!! i'm gonna rent this movie :-0 hehehe


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