Monday, May 18, 2009

Backyard Buzz

Every year, around this time, my dad and brother both shave their heads for the summer.
Every year, around this time, the begging begins.

"Please can I have a shaved head like Papa?"
"Oh, please can I be bald like Uncle Matt?"

And every year, I've held my ground. I've stayed firm.

"No way!"

I'm not sure why exactly I've been against it, but seriously whenever it was brought up I would quickly shut it down. End of discussion. Chris has been wanting to let him shave it for a few years now, but I have always been in the 'I want me kid to have his hair' camp.

Maybe it's because I just love how my little guy looks with a full head of hair. Or maybe it's because it took him SO long to get hair in the first place. He was a complete baldy for his first year.
He's six months old here. Very minimal hair growth....

And here he is at 14 months, where those little hairs are just starting to grow a little...

Or maybe it's because I just love to play with his hair...and he'll actually snuggle in and let me! Truth be told, if we're watching a movie together, he'll even ask me to play with his hair.

I suppose it has been a mix of all those reasons that have stopped me from just letting go and allowing him to buzz it all off.

Well, this year the begging went up a notch. Now that he's in school, one of his little buddies just shaved his head, and so you can imagine what that did to my little guys argument.

"Oh, please mommy! My friend was allowed to do it!"..... ah yes, the "my friends can do it" battle begins....

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't plan on giving into every " but my friend's doing it" argument, but I think that that, along with Chris' willingness to do it started to sway me.
I'd say the tip of the iceberg was what I saw on Saturday.

Our big boy spent the day with his Papa, who had taken him to the lake to fish. They came by right afterwards to drop off the fresh trout he had caught.

I wish you could have seen our handsome, excited, sweaty little man proudly showing off his fish. Yeah, and when I say sweaty I mean S.W.E.A.T.Y!!!!

His expression was priceless. I smiled at him and ruffled up his hair, only to regret having done so. Yuck! It was only 21 C and the thought of a whole summer of sweaty hair to look forward to, didn't look very appealing. And so, in that moment I decided to let go. I let go of his baby-ness, and allowed him to be a real boy. After all, Chris informed me "this is what boys do!"

And so, that night we borrowed papa's clippers and had ourselves a little backyard buzzin'.

Here's the before picture.
Just look at his face. Filled with anticipation....Yes, that's right! Mommy is finally letting you do this!

And, let the buzzing begin!

He was giggling the entire time....

....that is, until it got all itchy. Whoops. Word to the wise...probably a good idea to put a towel or sheet around him next time. All that hair really started to bug our little guy.
Another good tip: just leave the shirt off. Not fun, having all those little hairs stuck to it! Oh well, I guess we'll know for next time. At least we were smart enough to do it outside!

I'm happy to report that the results are WAY more adorable than I thought they'd be. Now, I'm kicking myself for holding out on my boy every summer. Hmmmm.... note to self: Let go more often!

Now, I'm looking forward to an easy sweat-less...ok let's face it probably more like less-sweat summer. I'm sure there will still be sweat to endure. He is a crazy-active boy after all.

Ok, now for the reveal. Dadadadaaaaaaaaaaa.....

Cute right?

I'm thinking he looks just like he did when he was just a wee babe.
What do you think? Any resemblance?


  1. very cute! and, much cooler, I'm sure.

  2. So cute!! And wow did his hair ever get dark compared to his baby pics!

  3. awww! Way to go Mom. Letting go is no easy task :)

    ps. He looks great!

    pps. You'll have to get a pic of all the shaved heads together!

  4. Aww how cute!!! Buzz cuts are always a great summer time haircut.

  5. Don't leave the shirt off... itchy ALL THE WAY DOWN THE BACK. Speaking from experience.

  6. Aww how cute!!! Buzz cuts are always a great summer time haircut.

  7. So cute!! And wow did his hair ever get dark compared to his baby pics!


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