Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dear Mom,

I miss you.
I miss your big heart.
Your easy smile.
Your beautiful face.
I miss the warmth of your hugs and the sound of your laugh.

I miss the smell of your kitchen. Always filled with fresh and tasty aromas. Thank you for giving me a love for baking. I will always remember the taste of your warm chocolate chip cookies and the time it took you to make your famous hot cross buns. Thank you for always letting us help you.
I love the fact that I bake the same way as you. Messy :)

Thank you for teaching me about what being a mom looks like. For taking the time to play with me but also to discipline me. You taught me about forgiveness and patience. Thank you for being selfless and for remembering to have fun.
Some of my best memories of you are when you would just be dancing around being silly with me. I love doing that now with my kids.

When I had each of the kids my heart ached for you. Oh, how I wanted you to meet them. To hold them and snuggle them. I wanted to see your face the first time you saw one of your kids having their own kids. I know that they would adore you and I know how you would adore them.

Oh Mom, I miss you.

As my tears fall and I close my eyes I can almost see you missing me too.
Oh Mommy, my heart longs for the day when I will see you and hug you again.

Happy Mother's Day.
I miss you today and always,

Love Sara


  1. I'm thinking of you today, knowing this day is filled with tears of joy and tears of sadness.

    I pray it's a beautiful Mother's Day for you.

  2. This was a beautiful tribute Sara! I think your Mom would be very proud of the way you are raising your three children.

    Thinking of you today...

  3. hmmmm.

    she does miss you.

    today i sat at the table with my family. they all blessed me with their sweet prayers of thanks and then we enjoyed a meal (that i had no part of making or cleaning up), and it hit me, someone was missing from the mother's day celebration, and my heart longed for heaven, and to hold my boy. michael caught me and said, "that is a happy, but sad smile"... "i'm just missing him" i replied.

    you are a delight to your mother.
    i just want to say that to you this mother's day.

  4. Thanks guys.
    Really, your words have truly touched my heart :)

    I'm thanking you through tears.
    I am also certain of the fact that your son absolutely misses you too.

    Oh, the joyous reunion, we can both look forward to someday.
    I do take comfort in the fact that my mom and your son are both missing us from the beautiful lap of Jesus.
    Oh the sweetness of that picture.


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