Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!!

My little love, today is your 1st BiRThDAy!!

Can I just say that I absolutely adore you. Really I do. You are such a beautiful addition to our family. Your sweet smile melts me every time, and I just want to freeze time and keep you this way forever. I want to bundel up all your silly grins and your cubby cheeks. Oh, to be able to keep you as my baby forever.....

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday and can still remember the way it felt to hold you that first time.

You were and still are my little princess.

Your personality has really started to emerge these last few months. You have the most beautiful and carefree laugh. It is so distinct and cracks up the whole room. You are also exteremly determined to do things YOUR way and have become more and more curious showing no fear.

We have had a terrible time keeping you out of the cupboards and drawers!

....that is until daddy figured out a clever way of keeping you out of the drawers! Now you just crawl on by in search of something else to get into :)

Heeheehee.... Isn't Daddy smart?!

Oh my sweet thing, you are such a delight. Your sister and brother both adore you, and you are so happy crawling around following their every move. I love watching you play with them- or at least attempting to play with them.

We have tried to get you walking, but you are content to just crawl around. You are very fast and seem to have no intrest in walking whatsoever. I am certain that like everything else, you will do it when YOU want to :)

You are not afraid to let us know what you want when you want it! I always joke about how you do not have a build up. When you start screaming it's 0-60 baby! I actually love that about you. You are not shy in getting what you want!

My love you are beautiful, and sweet and cuddly. I love when you snuggle into me and rest your head on my shoulder. It is the most amazing feeling to hold you tight like that. Everyday you are getting more and more busy and independent and those moments are growing further and further apart and so when I get to share them with you, I truly do cherish them.

You are a delight.

I love you and want you to know how special and perfect you are.
I thank God everyday for giving me the blessing of being your mama.

I love you today and always,


  1. she sound absolutely precious! have a great time celebrating her birthday :)

  2. Sara,
    She is simply gorgeous! Happy Birthday!

  3. Hope she had a wonderful wonderful day!

  4. Aww, doesn't time just fly by?! So bitter sweet!

    Happy Birthday!!

  5. Hope she had a wonderful wonderful day!

  6. she sound absolutely precious! have a great time celebrating her birthday :)

  7. Very sweet story. Min kids are both older than I was when they were born. It is a wonder where time goes. They both have more than two kids and seem to bet the greatest parents in the world.


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