Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Springtime Surprise

Chris and I are always joking about how our house feels like Snow White's cottage. There are always squirrels playing in the yard, birds chirping, even the odd deer walking around the neighborhood.

We've also had a very sweet bunny living in our front yard that our son has lovingly named the "Easter Bunny".
Every morning the kids run down and check the front window to see if the "Easter Bunny" is still nestled in under our tree. Our two year old daughter is especially enamored with our bunny. She spends a lot of time watching the window, talking to our little friend.

The other day Chris went out to mow the lawn. A few minutes later he excitedly called us all out to come and check out what he had found....

Our "Easter Bunny" had babies! There snuggled in the grass were three teeny tiny, cute & fluffy newborn bunnies!

The kids were so excited to see them, and to be honest so were Chris and I!
I've never seen bunnies so small. They could have fit in the palm of my hand.
So, so, so cute!

I LOVE spring!


  1. How adorable are those bunnies! It is such a special treat to be able to see babies in the "wild" :)

  2. so cute...until they leave their "business" on your lawn, then they're not cute anymore.


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