Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pool Party!

I love the summer.

Love it (said in my singsong voice)

If only for the fact that we can spend so much time outside burning off energy.

We have been hanging out a lot at our community (man made) lake. We are so blessed to live in a lake community, and be close enough to just walk over and enjoy the beach and water.

But today I decided to switch things up a bit and we had our very first backyard pool party of the season!

To be completely honest though, the kids actually had more fun emptying out the pool than actually splashing around inside.

Our girls also loved playing at the little water table we have on our deck.

At first they played really nicely together...
Then big sister decided that it would be fun to pour (freezing cold) water all over her baby sister.

But don't worry....

To my surprise, she actually LOVED it!

P.S Check out those thighs. Oooooh I could just eat her up!


  1. too cute! glad she liked the water :)

  2. That series of three pictures is awesome! It could have ended soooo differently. ;)

  3. Looks likesome good ol' summertime fun!!
    Cute pictures!!


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