Thursday, August 27, 2009

Laugh Your Way To a Better Marriage

Recently I stumbled across the very hilarious Mark Gungor.
After seeing him interviewed on Life Today, I put in an order for his DVD series.

When I pulled them out the other night and smiled sweetly at my husband I received the expected groaning and sighing:

"Ugh. Really? You want to watch these.... tonight....??"

I looked up at him and saw a small bit of hope in his eyes that his complaining may actually convince me to not put them in the DVD player. But I just smiled and cheerful promised:

"You're gonna love it"
Chris didn't look impressed.

But just as I predicted, not even two minutes into the session we were both laughing ourselves silly. The guy is hilarious. We giggled. Laughed out loud....and I think I may have even laughed so hard I snorted a few times :)

Chris even said that he felt more like he was watching a stand up comedy rather than a marriage seminar.
Plus, as an added bonus the insight into the differences between men and woman are completely bang on. I think that that is part of what makes it so funny. We could relate to everything he was teaching. And it was just so much fun to laugh as we learnt.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a hubby that will willingly accompany you to a marriage seminar. Or maybe you have a hubby, like mine, who would rather do anything else than go to a marriage conference, well for both types this series is for you! I promise you won't be disappointed.
It is funny, informative, funny, eye-opening, funny, full of truth, funny and, oh ya it's SUPER FUNNY.

Check out these clips.

(Make sure you click on all three different clips. The "Man's Sex Drive" one is HILARIOUS!)


  1. Can't wait to check these out!

    We just watched a clip on the "nothing" box :) LOVED it.

  2. He's hilarious!! Too bad he doesn't come to Manitoba!

  3. I watched all three clips, and my husband watched the last one with me. These look really good. I plan to get these soon, because we're really not marriage seminar type people.

  4. Can't wait to check these out!

    We just watched a clip on the "nothing" box :) LOVED it.


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