Friday, August 28, 2009

Letting go....

Today was our last day of summer.

Our big boy officially starts Grade One tomorrow.
I have tried REALLY HARD to avoid the reality of just how big he is getting. But it is simply impossible to deny time.

My sweet baby.
Last year, the night before his first day of Kindergarten I was really emotional .... and this year..... well, I am just as teary.

I thought it would get easier....

...but it doesn't.
Truthfully, if I could, I would keep him my sweet little man forever!

But, I know I just have to let him go....

and watch him fly all on his own :)


  1. Hope the first day went well - for both of you :)

  2. Oh Sara, I am feeling the exact same thing right about now!

  3. i was teary today, remembering when my boy was in kindergarten, seems like just he is a 6th grader :-(
    it goes too fast.


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