Friday, June 11, 2010

All grown up

See this cute kid!?
Well, he grew up to be...

a smartypants
a funny guy- who sometimes laughs more at his own jokes than I do :)
a man who's heart is way softer than he cares to admit
an honest man who isn't afraid to stand up and tell the truth
a faithful husband
a man who provides and is respected
a lover of Jesus
a loyal to the death kinda friend
a pain in the butt- sometimes :-)
a guy who is good at just about everything he tries.... and if he's not good right away, just give him a couple of tries and he'll master it (this bugs me to the core!)
a daddy who will be silly with his kids
a husband who lets his wife sleep when the kids come into the bed in the middle of the night and want to cuddle
a grown son who will still go to his parents for advice
a daddy who disciplines in love
a husband who encourages, uplifts and challenges his wife.
a guy who perseveres through hardship
a guy who won't give up
a man who will do what he says
a husband who will watch chick flicks (and enjoy them)
a talented musician
a daddy who gives the best tickles
a guy who wants to bless others

Simply put: He grew up to be a man after God's own heart...

I am humbled and honored that God chose me to grow old with this man.
He is....everything to me.

Happy Birthday my love!
You are all these things and more.
I love you more than I could possibly say!


  1. I am cute aren't I :)

    Thanks babe!

  2. That's a beautiful post to honor him! Happy birthday to C from us! Have a great birthday!

  3. so beautiful. love this.

    (might have to steal this idea in march).

    michael and chris would like each other.

    they have EVERYTHING in common with exception to one thing- michael isn't a talented musician, but he can run a mean sound system.

    let's get them together, so we can get together!!!


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