Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking forward to...

pool swimming
sprinkler running
ice cream sandwich eating
evening deck reading
fresh lemonade drinking
bike riding
beach lounging
crazy camping
yummy bbq-ing
sunscreen wearing
long walk taking
picnic eating
root beer floating
movie watching
sidewalk chalking
bubble blowing
pajama day wearing
rock collecting
backyard fort building
relay racing
pudding finger painting
hide and seeking
treasure hunting

What are you looking forward to this summer?


  1. i am totally planning on posting a summer to-do list... rootbeer floating is def. on our to do!

  2. I love your list. Running through sprinklers is one of my favorites.

    We love eating our meals out on the back deck. We had our first dinner out there on Father's Day. Something so 'summer' about bbqing, eating watermelon and then sitting out in the sunshine with full bellies and letting the kids play until bedtime. And if we're really lucky we hear the icecream man :) :) :)

  3. Amen and ditto. =) Summer is BLISS!!!

  4. I'm guessing you don't have the mosquito infesstation that we Manitobans do this year!! I feel like we're not able to enjoy the beautiful sun, but I'm gonna do my darndest to let my boys get as much out of it this year and we can handle!
    Your plans sound wonderful! My biggest and most exciting plan for this summer is to have this baby of mine!

  5. i NEED to make a list to make sure we do everything we want. i usually get to the end of summer and realize we didn't do some of the things on the list in my head.

    i LOVE your list.


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