Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow Pudding Pops

The other day we made Rainbow Pudding Pops.
They were so easy and the kids loved making them... the only drawback was hearing "are they ready yet?!" a gazillion times :)

Rainbow Pudding Pops
Make a box of instant vanilla pudding according to the directions on the box.
Separate pudding into small bowls.
Add red, green, blue, yellow and purple food coloring to each bowl to make fun colored pudding.
Spoon the different colored pudding into cups (next time I will definitely make them in smaller cups. These ones were way too big for my littles :)
Place a popsicle stick in the center.
Put them in freezer and wait until they set (we made them around noon and had to wait until the next day to eat them)

Happy Summer!


  1. so fun. but waiting till the next day, that must've been DIFFICULT with "littles" asking "are they done yet?" that's how it would have gone down in my house.

    maybe we will try this next week when we are with the cousins.

    i'm thinking of and praying for you :-)

  2. how awesome are you?! And they look like they are enjoying them immensely!

  3. Don't know if my first comment went through... but, that looks awesome.

  4. Uh...YUM! My kidlets will love these! So colorful and fun! Thank you!

    And thank you for your back-up advice. I have my oldest daugther's pics from when she was younger on CD's, but I'm thinking of looking into an online back-up service... Now I'm a little obsessed, but for good reason! :-)

  5. These are amazing. Thanks for sharing.


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