Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Randomness

  • yesterday Chris' parents surprised us and took all three kids for the day. The ENTIRE day! So, we went out for lunch. Alone. Without children. Alone, people! We were actually able to have an entire conversation without interruptions. It was glorious.
  • I have done approximately 12 loads of laundry in the attempts to get ready for our vacation next week. I have approximately 12 more to go (at least it feels like it)
  • my "get ready for our vacation list" is written and I'm a little afraid of it. It's two pages long.
  • last week we had a great time learning all about dinosaurs- post coming soon...maybe.
  • we have really been enjoying our summer homeschooling but as I'm looking at my crazy 2 page long list I think we might take a week off :)
  • my sister is getting married and I got to take some engagement shots for them! there were about 10,000 mosquitoes and now she looks like she has the chicken pox but we had fun anyway! Click here to see a few more shots from our session.

  • it's official. my blogging mojo is definitely MIA. I have tried to write, really, but my brain is just stuck in lazy summer mode :)
  • ok, I really need to stop procrastinating now and tackle that scary list....


  1. OH, how fun!!!! One thing I am looking forward to the kids being back in school is... day time dates! wink!

  2. I just can't get over that photo.

    getting ready for a vacation is daunting, and I think proportional to how much fun you are going to have !!

  3. have a fun vacation -- and those are super cute engagement photos!

  4. Ohhh what an adorable photo!!! I love weddings!


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