Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tea Time

This weekend the girls and I were invited to a fancy tea party.
Grandma (Chris' mom) made reservations at a cute little tea house and invited us to join her for lunch.

Since, this was our first "official" tea party (we have had many a princess tea party at home) we decided that we needed to take extra care and really get beautified for the event.

We put on our fancy dresses. Yup, even I wore a dress. This is momentous, people. It very rare that you will see me rocking a dress.
We put on yummy smelling lotion. Wore perfume. And each picked out a necklace. We even threw on some lipstick (well, technically it was flavored lip balm. Would you believe that I don't actually own a single tube of lipstick? It's true.)

Then we put on our fancy shoes and off we went.

The girls were so excited. They kept telling each other how beautiful they looked. And complimenting one another on their dresses, make-up and fancy necklaces. Their giggles and excited chatter made me want to freeze time forever.

We stopped to pick my grandma up and then off we went to meet Grandma and Sylvia (Chris' brother's girlfriend.)

{our sweet 2 yr old and grandma}

{Sylvia, our crazy 3 yr old and my grandma}

The girls both sat so nicely and ate their lunch, and could hardly wait for their tea.

My crazy three year old especially LOVED it! When she finished her cup she looked up at my grandma and innocently asked for "more wine please."

We will definitely have to do another tea party soon.
It was so much fun!
Thanks again Mom. We all had such a special time :)


  1. How fabulous! I think that's what I'm gonna miss about having all boys...the girly stuff that I won't do with them.

  2. How fun for you! The girls look so pretty, it would have been great for a pic of yourself rockin a dress to have been included ;)

  3. too cute! Thought we might see a photo of you in a dress to document that you wore one ;-)

    I don't have lipstick either -- so happy to meet another girl without it too!

    I'm sure the event was cherished by all parties.

  4. beau "tea" ful!

    did they hold up their pinkies as they sipped their tea? it is a rule in our house.

    we have taken the great grands to tea before (and now i am missing my little noah in slacks and tie opening the door for the great grands).

    the rule when we have tea is you can have all the sugar and cream you want (it is the only time). we have a tea house in our town, it is a yearly treat.

    AND YOU DON'T WEAR DRESSES!!! i rock dresses for jesus nearly every sunday (wouldn't that be funny lyrics for a song), not because i think one should, i just like to.

    i heart you! why must you live so far away?

  5. Tea parties are the best! What a sweet memory for your girls (and their mama and grandma). I love the pictures.

    There's no lipstick in my house either, by the way. Flavored lip gloss, yes. Icky-tasting lipstick, no way. Just not a fan.

  6. How fabulous! I think that's what I'm gonna miss about having all boys...the girly stuff that I won't do with them.


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