Sunday, October 24, 2010

What would you do with Ten Hundred Thousand Dollars???

This weekend our seven year old stayed at my dad's house and when my dad dropped him off he giggled as he told me about the conversation he had had with our son.
Now, I realize that the following is probably only funny to me because I know all the people he's talking about and I just find his perspective hilarious, but I wanted to share it on here because I plan to look back at this in years to come and giggle some more :)

Our crazy 7 year old: If I had ten hundred thousand dollars guess what I would buy?

Papa (with a smile): What?

Our crazy 7 year old:
I'd buy Daddy- a new car
Mommy- sewing stuff

My sisters- some girl lego

I'd take you out to dinner
(something special that my dad does with him every once in awhile)
For Uncle Matt- a video game
For Grandma and Papa- a trip to Saskatchewan
(very funny because they go to places like Cuba, Mexico, Dominican Republic.... not the Prairies of Canada :)
For Auntie- stuff for her wedding

For Uncle Adam- hockey stuff
(haha! He works for the Flames)
For Great Grandma- jewels (wow! fancy!)
For Great Grandpa- a nice cozy bed
Uncle Doug- a video game

Sylvia- a new dog
(hehehe they just got a new dog a few months ago!)
And I wouldn't buy me anything because I have enough (awwww.... well, in full disclosure, keep in mind that this was after a trip with Papa to Toys-R-Us where we got a new lego set, a trip to Walmart where he scored new running shoes and after they had gone to see a movie together!)

So cute to see life through his eyes!


  1. sweet boy.

    if i had that much money i would buy me a ticket to see you. when i arrived i would have a ticket for you to come and see me.

    and then i would buy a 65 ford falcon (i know i should say i would give money to this Christ centered something or other. i would. but selfishly i really want a 65 ford falcon)
    and a trip to the azores for my entire family.

  2. I love it! When Justin was 4 and he was riding on the school bus when I was driving he used to tell me what kinds of cars he planned on buying everyone in the family when he was rich. Boy are so much fun. (We would have to have an awfully big garage for all the cars we were getting). ;)

  3. I would love a new dog from E. That way Uncle Doug could not tell me no! :) He is so cute and thoughtful.


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