Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have really been enjoying our cookie countdown again this year. I think the reason I love baking with my kids so much is because I can vividly remember baking with my mom. I truly pray that this time we spend together will be etched in their little memories the way my baking times are with my mom.
The only problem I'm finding this year is that my growing belly seems to be getting in the way- a lot. Just today I had to change yet another shirt because I always seem to misjudge just how close I am to the stove and that pot of bubbling sweetness.

2. Speaking of my belly. I realize I haven't given much of a pregnancy update in awhile. But I suppose that's a good thing. No news is good news, right?
I am just about 30 weeks along. The contractions I was feeling last month seem to have disappeared (hallelujah) and I feel great.
Although, I could do with a little more sleep at night. Babe seems to enjoy kicking me when it's bedtime, and I'm also finding it harder and harder to get comfortable at night. Poor Chris. We need a spare room so that he can get a decent night's sleep. Sigh. I suppose it's preparing us for what's to come in a couple of months :)
I am also gaining weight rapidly. I can already see it in my face. Not a good sign. Might be because I keep giving into those cravings...not to mention all the baking. Oh, the baking. I figure I might as well milk this pregnancy for all it's worth and deal with the weight later. Make sense, no?

3. Have you been watching the Sing-Off? Ack. These people are all so crazy talented. Seriously. Best show EVER! Amazing singers and so fun to watch. I think Chris and I love it so much because it's impossible to choose a favorite group because they are all so incredible.

4. As part of advent this year we have been listening to the Jesus Storybook Bible every night with the kids. They LOVE it. I must admit it took a few nights to figure out a way to get them all to settle down and pay attention (the first few nights were a little exhausting- picture our littlest dive bombing into Chris on the bed, our three year old signing random Christmas tunes and our 7 year old trying to pay attention, following along in the book but easily being distracted by his sisters.)
Happily they are now all so into it and look forward to it every night. It is a wonderful Bible for kids and since the deluxe edition comes with a CD narrative (which is a big part of what has them all so captivated now) we simply put on the CD and listen as a family to the words meant to be sewn so deeply into our hearts. I especially love how at the end of each day it always foreshadows the coming of Jesus and how after we listen we talk about the story a bit and then pray together as a family. I also think it's really cool that we will end up reading about Jesus' birth on Christmas eve :)

5. This weekend we went to our community Christmas party at the lake. Fun, fun, fun!
Our 2 year old was scared of Santa (even though it was secretly her papa :)

6. I have always said that it is my three year old that gives me the most....well, "challenge". She is spunky and strong willed and while I absolutely love her beautiful spirit....sometimes her craziness drives me CRAZY.

Well, her little sister has proven that she can give me a run for my money as well. The other day I sent her upstairs to get dressed. Something that she's been doing for months now on her own. She was up there for a little longer than normal so I decided to investigate. And what do I find? My sweet, innocent two year old skipping happily up and down the hallway squeezing the entire bottle of kid's shampoo onto the carpet. Picture it people. Blueberry {read- it's actually blue!} gobs of shampoo all down my cream colored carpet. It took almost two hours to clean. Think bubbles friends. Lots and lots of bubbles.
Oh Joy.

7. Speaking of joy the beautifully talented Sarah Markley has been doing a 100 Joys series through December. She is intentionally looking for the everyday joys all around her, allowing Joy to transform her heart. And challenging us to do the same.
I have wanted to join in since the beginning of the month. I started looking for joy and can truly see how being conscious of it around me can really change my perspective. I am going to try to get some of it written down... but I do know in reality that may not happen... I am trying to accept the fact that I just can't do it all ;)

8. Last week I had a lovely skype date with Kristen. She rocks. She is so sweet, crazy easy to love and such a fun mommy. She's doing an awesome advent activity calendar with her family this year. Check out her ideas. So fun!

9. Have you seen this video yet? Amazing...

10. Speaking of amazing videos I'm going to leave you with this one:
This guy is my hero. Oh, how I am crazy humbled....

Happy Tuesday Friends!


  1. blue carpet. boo.

    the hallelujah video makes me cry every time!

  2. sing off is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G... i love it. i think we watch the episodes 2 or 3 times.

    the hallelujah video is awesome... i always get goosebumps. it reminds me of college as they perform Handel's Messiah every year. It is awesome.

    blue carpet...eek! i am sorry. if they would have been with mauryn it would have been nail polish guaranteed. she is still waiting for her play date ;O)

    cute pic of chris and the kids. how fun!

  3. wow... blue carpet. Mr(s) Bubbles :)

  4. I love the Hallelujah video every time I watch it!

    Haven't seen "Sing off" before. Wow!

    I need to do a pregnancy update again soon too...glad you are feeling pretty well. ;o)

    Love the Santa pic.

    My pregnant, less energetic than normal self, is feeling your pain with the blue carpet incident. Wow.

  5. Fun post! I'm finally catching up with my blog reading.

    Loved the Sing Off. Seriously talented musicians!

    We listen to the CD for the Jesus Storybook Bible too. It's great! My daughter reads that Bible other times by herself and always says the words with a British accent. Never fails to crack me up.

  6. I love the Hallelujah video every time I watch it!

    Haven't seen "Sing off" before. Wow!

    I need to do a pregnancy update again soon too...glad you are feeling pretty well. ;o)

    Love the Santa pic.

    My pregnant, less energetic than normal self, is feeling your pain with the blue carpet incident. Wow.


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