Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentines Day Chocolate Pretzels

With Valentine's Day just around the corner the girls and I got busy making some yummy treats.
These chocolate pretzels are SO easy to make.
All you need are:

*mini pretzels
*a bag of Hershey's Kisses (we also made some with Hershey's Hugs!)
*smarties (pink and red work nicely for loves day!)

Then, let your little helpers do all the work.
My girls loved being able to make these pretty much by themselves. First, they unwrapped ALL the kisses and hugs.

Ah, the feeling of accomplishment!

Next they placed their pretzels on their cookie sheet (lined with wax paper) and put a kiss or a hug on top of each one.
(I may have helped a teeny tiny bit to help keep the chocolates in the middle :)

Then, all you do is pop them in the oven at 200 degrees for 3-4 mins to make the chocolate nice and soft.
As soon as you pull 'em out of the oven press 2 smarties at the center of each one.
(this was mama's job since the chocolate was pretty hot.)

Then, just pop them in the freezer to set and ENJOY!

P.S if you're looking for another valentines day treat. Try these Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites we made last year. Mmmmmm....


  1. About an hour ago I stood staring at a leftover bag of pretzels from Christmas that is just sitting in the pantry. This family is not one for plain pretzels. I had considered another batch of nuts&bolts, but this is perfect. Thanks Sara. My inner chocoholic thanks you too!

  2. I made your brownies for a shower I hosted today and they were a hit!(I used white chocolate in them instead of brown). I think these pretzels are a fabulous idea!! (you are a godess in the kitchen I keep telling Kevin). He saw your pictures of them & said "oh wow". I'll be making these for him one night.

  3. yeah... i am making the pretzels. i have done them at christmas but never thought about doing them for valentines day.

  4. These look so good! I'm having my girls make them today :)

  5. Made these for Kev yesterday. He said they were SO good! (the hugs needed a bit longer in my oven to melt). Thanks for a great new tradition!

  6. What a great looking treat! I'm totally trying this! Thanks Sara!

  7. Looking forward to making the pretzles tonight for a family get together. I dont have the time to go and get smarties, so i am going to use peanut butter M&m's. Hopefully they look just as cute as yours. Thanks for the idea!

    1. mmmmm! wonderful leigh-ann! i'm sure they will turn out perfectly!


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