Monday, May 16, 2011

500th post...FINALLY!

Ok friends, the post you have all been waiting for is finally here ;)

Today the girls and I had SO much fun taping our video blog, taking you all on a tour of our little home and answering all of your awesome questions in celebration of my 500th post.

Ok so a few things before you listen in...

#1. Please ignore the number of times I say "um" because, um, I tend to, um, say it, um, A LOT!

#2. Please excuse the random naked barbie on the stairs.

#3. I do not like my voice on camera. It sounds weird. And I talk really fast. And I do this weird thing with my eyes where I blink a thousand times a minute. I don't think I do any of these things in real life.

#4. Please note- my house is NEVER this clean. Do not be deceived. I should have just shown you guys the real deal, but for some crazy reason I panicked a little at the thought of you guys seeing my dirty house. I'm sorry. I wish I could be completely real with you... I think I'll do another video showing you how my house actually looks on a day to day bases..... maybe.

#5. Let's just pretend that I don't have a HUGE zit on my chin. Sound good? Awesome.

#6. I watched back, and in the first video I say "eh" once. And it wasn't even intentional. Yay. I truly AM Canadian!

#7. It's official. That second video has the WORST freeze frame ever. Ever. Look at my pleading eyes.... "Love me! Please, would somebody just love me!?" Bahahaha.

#8. I would love, love, LOOOOOOVE for you all to chime in with your answers to some of these questions. Pretty please!!!

#9. Pop some popcorn and enjoy :)

#10. Love you friends!


  1. yeah.... LOVED this! mauryn is watching with me and waving to the girls. so cute. we must must must skype soon. denise and i should skype you from the lake :o)

    i do think in blog posts.
    i used to watch soaps and a few years God convicted me about it so i am no longer a soap watcher.
    i love to read and it relaxes me for sure. i think folding laundry is relaxing as well... not the putting away just the folding. i usually watch TV when i fold and i relax when i watch TV too.

    i can't remember what else i should answer?? this was so fun. thanks for making my morning. it definitely made me miss you!

  2. You are so adorable, Sara. Your home is so comfy and welcoming and I like your favorite chair. I love that you have that tile that reminds you of your mom... so sweet and special.

    I also love listening to you. One of my best friends from grammar school was from Canada and I loved how she talked! :) What area are you from? I have been to Vancouver and Victoria and Nanaimo (yes, I ate a bar) and I loved it all. I want to go back!! :)

  3. I LOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE YOUUUU!!!!!!!! i shuted that really loud from cali, did you hear it in canada?)

    i love your favorite spot.
    and i had joyful tears seeing how you hang your toilet paper (the same way i do by the way).

    and i want to come and drink tea with you, NOW!

    and your tile is a gift from God and you should keep it in the bathroom FOREVER!

    your house is lovely.

    oh, but one thing... the trunk and the suitcases... yeah, those aren't working for you. YES, I WILL TAKE THEM OFF YOUR HANDS!
    (you know i have a suitcase collection too right).

    i have the same dining room table as your kitchen table. we've out grown it.

    okay, gotta go...i still need to watch the second video!

  4. your eyes are so pretty. you are pretty.

    you have a canadaian accent. i love it.

    i can't stand on my head. but i might accept your challenge.

    don't watch a soap! i've watched one since i was 5 (thanks g-ma). honestly i can take it or leave it (in fact it's on now). i just find it to be time that i shut off.

    i relax the same way you do. i also relax and pray when i clean the house. laundry is not relaxing (btw- regarding the other video, i don't iron my husbands clothes. he does. he does most of the ironing).

    i too repeat "the eucharist precedes the miracle." this helps me "walk by faith, not by sight."

    i'm sorry my questions were somewhat silly. i'm sillerious" (half silly half serious), not to be confused with delirious (i'm also funny).

    i love you.

  5. i meant to day the soap was on now, and i wasn't watching it.

    alright, i'm done commenting now.

    no, i'm not... and i refer to denise from "grace upon grace" as "the other denise." she's okay with that because she is awesome. :-)

  6. I don't even know where to begin.

    Oh, how I loved this. I loved hearing your voice and I LOOOOOOOVE your haircut. Very few people make me think about cutting my hair. YOU DO! SO adorable.

    Did I spy little plastic Ikea bowls in the girls' hands? I LOVE those and my buddies use them every day! :)

    I love your "fancy" room. I love that it's fancy, but not fancy. I love that kind of living.

    The tile. I almost cried. Don't you love it when God does things like that? Those precious reminders that He's listening, watching, and that He knows!

    Balance - I'm working on it, too. Praying God will show me His way, because I get confused sometimes about it.

    Did you know I did a vlog for my 500th post? (not sure if we'd "met" then?) I felt like a total weirdo. But, you are so precious and ARE JUST as sweet as I'd imagined you. OK, maybe moreso.

    I would love to have tea and let life get all off balance because we spent a whole day chatting! :)

    Thank you for sharing. I was so blessed by hearing you and seeing you and your kiddies (Oh my word, Ellie!) and your house and your favorite spot!

    Loved all of it!

  7. I loved this Sara!! You're the sweetest thing ever and I'm inspired by you each time I talk to you and read your blog! Love ya tons!!

  8. Sara,

    I am so glad you did this. It was really fun to watch and see your sweet face. I am now totally inspired and I just bought "One Thousand Gifts"...Eucharisteo! Your blog brings me joy :)

  9. This was a great post, and loved the video's! I truly enjoy your blog and you are so talented with a camera!

    Also, I have something for you over at my blog...

  10. FABULOUS!!! You are just darling. Your house is so warm and lovely.

    Elliot....I could just drink her sweetness!

    Did you ever do a post about your family rules? That painting was that idea! Share more please.

  11. Loved the walk through,

    Oh, lets talk about ironing. My husband grew up wearing a uniform to school every single day and his mother ironed his shirts for him, in such a way that he can not part with it. When I started to iron after we married he kindly asked if I could have the crease line go from one cuff, all the way across his upper back and then down the other arm (can we say OCD). Ahem...excuse me, was my reply. Anyway, I tried but the lines did not match up and I was so sad (NO) when he decided to take over the ironing responsibilities. SWEET!!!!!!!!! I could even sneak in one of my shirts once in a while. After a year of that he asked if we could find it in the budget to take it to the dry-cleaners. Sure, no problem. This all went down a few years ago. Well....I went to pick up his shirts last week to find the bill at $ is normally only $15. After taking a closer look I found that there were several of my shirts, pants, even tank tops in with his shirts. I got home and went to my closet and found that my donate pile (which is normally beside the dry-cleaning pile) was gone. Maybe he packed the bag in the dark? Who knows. I also can not believe that he didn't notice that the bag was twice it's normal size. Love the guy to bits and it did make me laugh in the end. My donate pile is now on the other side of the closet and some lucky person is going to be receiving some newly clean and pressed tank tops. I wonder what the cleaners were thinking when they saw tank tops?

    All the best,

  12. Thank you soooo much for doing this post! I've been looking forward to it. You really are adorable and super sweet. It makes me want to just sit down and have a real conversation with you.

    I think the walk-thru was my favorite part! It just felt so much like normal life. I especially like your suitcases, kitchen tile, and (of course) little Ellie sucking her fingers.

    I HAVE to get that gratitude book. I loved what you said about it.

    I hope you do another one of these posts again soon!

    Oh, more thing. I'm good being "the other Denise." :)

  13. haha. thanks so much ladies.
    i have had so much fun reading all your comments.
    and i feel like less of a nerd now ;)

    @Linda- we're in calgary. you should come visit me next :)

    @beth- YES! you are going to LOVE it!

    @lynn- here's the link. super easy, but kinda time consuming.

  14. Aw - I loved this Sara! Miss A sat with me on the walk through a couple of days ago and immediately went upstairs and cleaned her room after seeing Abby and Selah's. haha! I may make her watch the video on a weekly basis ;)

    I just got back to finish watching the other one - you have such a beautiful, humble, gracious spirit. Thanks for sharing your honest answers with us :)

    And before I forget, you have to go check out something called BookSneeze. A knitting blog friend of mine turned me onto it a couple of days ago. Free Christian books for bloggers who will post a short review. Yes please!

    The books are either in print or an e-book. Now I have never read an ebook, as I rather like the feel of paper, but I figure a free e-book I can probably manage :) Anyway - go have a peek.

  15. yeaaaaa I love you!!

    love your house- your funny, adorable girls running around- the way you say "um"... your accent, your answers to our questions, and i think we're kindred spirits my friend! thank you for your honest answers, and that your house is not always that clean, haha! i was like "oh my gosh, sara's home is spotless, what the heck".... then you tell us that you cleaned it and i breathed a sigh of relief :) geesh, i was hoping i wasn't the only one with toys strewn all over and dishes waiting to be scrubbed. you're awesome, so humble, and such a light to us.

  16. Okay first off, I'm so sad that I totally missed the post leading up to this one! I would've loved to include some questions of my own :( *sad sigh*

    However, I LOVED all the questions you got and your answers. Your house is adorable, and I too love your trunk and suitcase decor! It's so neat after seeing photos you've posted throughout your blog and now seeing them through video is kinda of cool. I have to say I too own those same "fancy side/end tables" lol!! I giggled when I saw them!
    I was actually thinking of you just yesterday while I was out at Chapters and came across "one thousand gifts" I didn't buy it, but I will!

  17. I loved seeing your house and looking into your life a bit :) It was a joy to hear your voice too.

    I do the TP the same way too.

    And, we definitely use the same end tables -- putting those TV tables to good use.

    Fun to hear from your girls -- love the window seats in their rooms too.

    I don't iron FP shirts either.... but I don't share your relaxation over folding laundry :) I do love the feeling of accomplishment of clean laundry all nice and neatly folded.

    Thanks for answering my photography question; I so love your work!!


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