Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. Remember Fidget?
Well, we've been looking after him this past week while Grandma & Papa have been in Mexico. I am now more convinced than ever that we are NOT getting a dog. Fidget is wonderful. Best.Dog.Ever. But Abby, oh my Abby. She will not leave the poor guy alone. No kidding, every time I turn around she's doing something to him. I just came from upstairs where she had him in her doll crib covered with a baby blanket. She just loves him a little TOO much. All poor fidget wants to do is sleep all day (he is 14 (!!) after all) but boy does Abby have other plans for him.

2. Last week I received a super exciting email. I've been accepted as one of the photographers for the amazing organization Helping Hearts.
Helping Hearts offer free photography sessions to families with a child who is suffering from an illness or disability. I am so humbled and honored to be a part of something so beautiful. If you know a family that would be blessed by this organization (and live in Canada- they have photographers all across the country) please pass along their website.

3. I want to get married again {to Chris, of course!} just so that we can make a video like this...

Isn't that just amazing? Apparently 90% of the video was shot on their wedding day and 10% the day before at their rehearsal dinner. So, SO fun! I might try and convince Chris to make a video like this just for fun....maybe for our anniversary? ;)

4. Yesterday I spent the entire day in the basement re-organizing the playroom. Seriously. I spent 6 (SIX!!) hours down there. Now it is my happy place. I've gone down there several times today just to look around :)

5. Check out this fun song. I've had it on repeat in my brain lately.

6. This week I bit the bullet and moved all my photos from iPhoto into Lightroom. Eeek. I am such a wimp. I hate learning new "computer techie" things, but it was time. I need to embrace technology :) I love it, by the way. So thankful I have a hubby who makes me do things that scare me :)

7. I heart green grass. How's that for random?! I just looked outside though and smiled at the green grass. It was white back there for SOOOOOOO long that I just appreciate it all the more. My girls are running around the backyard barefoot right now. Adore.

8. I also heart the movie Tangled. Do you ever watch a Disney movie and wish that you could be the voice for one of the characters? No? Just me? I SO want to be Mandy Moore.

9. My Ellie is almost 4 months. She had her check up today and is weighing in at a whooping 12.25 lbs. Yes, I know she's little. I'm good with that. I want to keep her little forever. Sigh.

10. This picture makes my heart smile. LOVE.


  1. I have yet to see Tangled... guess I need to hang out with little girlies and see it! Love the photo of your kiddos -- just precious.

  2. That video is amazing. I loved it and I love love the pic of A and E. They are so pretty!

  3. Your 10's are so fun. :) I like the #5 song and how neat that you'll be able to do photography with that org! My niece once thought I was Mandy Moore during the play part of A Walk to Remember... I took it as a huge compliment! :) I wouldn't mind being her or Belle! :)

  4. precious picture! hopefully i will make time to watch the video in this post and the 2nd one in your 500th post :)
    ps i love green grass too...

  5. I seriously had a perma-grin on my face for that entire video.

    As for Tangled - I'm in the same boat. Except Miss A gives me my "part" that I'm supposed to sing. I'm usually Flynn Ryder and she gets to be Rapunzel. How's that for unfair - haha!

  6. You know, Sara, I really wish we could meet!! I think we are SO alike, but that's just my opinion!

    I loved your list, and I too wish I could (and something attempt) sing like Mandy Moore! Tangled is my new favorite Disney movie!

  7. Fidget is so cute! Even the name is cute. But I understand about Abby loving him a little too much. We had a kitten for a couple of weeks who suffered from the same problem. She now lives in peace and comfort with my brother and his wife!

    Fun list. Adorable pic.

  8. What a great name for a dog!!! I love that last picture...melts my heart. You are cool!

    I like that about you!

  9. Commenting on my phone works!

  10. PS I think we should make a video like this someday when I get married!

  11. Just stumbled upon your blog today while I was researching name ideas for my (potential) crafty business. You have a beautiful family :) Hope you do more posts on photography! I'm a newbie and always looks for tips and tricks. :)



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