Thursday, June 9, 2011

keeping 'em busy...

+ Dollar Store Paint Brushes

+ Bubbles

= TWO entire hours of peace and quiet for mama!


  1. Cute! Looking so forward to seeing you next week! (w)

  2. ah yes - "painting" the deck is a favorite around here too :)

    And an automatic bubble blower that actually works??? Do share!

  3. ...and ikea bowls (i have them too).

    i am looking for some keep'em busy ideas for summer around here too.

    congratulations on the 2 hours of peace and quiet!

  4. I'm with Denise - HOORAY for Ikea bowls!!

    *love* this.

  5. @wendy- us too! it's be too long :)

    @prairie Girl- yes! we got it from superstore a few years back. it works awesome. we had a spiderman one before that but it broke almost right after we got it, but this one has lasted years!

    and yes ladies, i heart those ikea bowls. although i need to recommend big pails of water if your kiddos are going to be painting the deck- that way you won't have to keep refilling their bowls ;)

  6. So cute... I think I may need a bubble maker! :)

  7. Adorable.

    We've got those same bowls (and matching plates too).

    I can see that it's time to buy a bubble blower. Especially since I'm currently the "bubble blower"!

  8. so fun to catch up on your blog! looks like a beautiful, green, memorable summer. LOVE your photos and beautiful babes- they always make me smile.

  9. oh fun... i love the bubble blower. my kids would love it.

    super duper yeah on 2 hours of peace and quiet.


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