Wednesday, June 15, 2011


my girls are sleeping.

my boys are watching (it's the stanley cup playoffs- game 7)

it's raining.


what am i doing??

double squeal!!!

can you tell i'm excited?
i have been wanting a fancy iPhone for awhile now.
and i finally had an excuse to get one!

i am part of $20 club.
it's a wonderful group of wonderful ladies.
we get together every month for a night out and we each put $20 into the pot. every month one of us "wins" that money and gets to spend it on something we wouldn't normally buy for ourselves. it's so awesome because once a month i get to get out of the house with these amazing women and have a great night out. and once a year i win the pot! well, last month- you guessed it- i WON! and i knew right away what i wanted to spend it on!

hello lovely-

so, as i'm playing around with this little beauty i had to come on here and ask you all:
do you have an iPhone?
what are your absolute can't live without apps?

pretty please- share your secrets!

oh, and as a side note, having an iPhone has most definitely improved my texting ability.

my sister is so very proud of me :)


  1. I don't have an iPhone, but have an iPad - Evernote is my new favorite. Just got YouVersion - you can pick a Bible plan to read through the Bible. FeeddlerPro is awesome! TV Guide. Bible+ is cool! If you're a Mac user or have other Apple devices they have some COOL stuff coming out soon!!!

  2. For the little ones you have to get the Grover Book - "The Monster at the End of This Book" - TOO CUTE!!!

  3. I am crazy excited!!! This is just very exciting stuff! I can't wait for our date and we can get you all app'd up!! EEEKKKKK!!!

  4. Yay! I'm excited for you! I got an iPhone on July 5th... the 3G's went on a super sale. I had no idea how much I'd love it!! :)

    My favorite apps... Facebook, Pandora, Emoji Free, Zenbe Lists (my husband & I sync our lists up), ShakeIt Photo, CameraBag, Moviefone, FocusDaily & Family Life Audio (podcasts), Words with Friends, WordSolitaire, Netflix, Kindle, Ringtone Maker.

    These are the ones I use most frequently. Let us know what you put on yours! :) Oh, and my kids love Angry Birds and Pocket Tanks... and Talking Tom Cat (it is so silly!)

  5. That is so exciting!! WAhoooooo for you!!!! Welcome to the world of aps. :)
    BIG HUGS!!!

  6. What a fun and special treat! No iphones for us... we just traded in our flip phones (from 2005ish) for phones with texting capabilities!

  7. YEAH!! You are going to wonder how you ever got on without it :)

    I love how it syncs up with my calendar at home - gone are the days of the agenda notebook. Now when I'm at the doctor's office or scheduling a playdate I just pop the date in my phone and then when I sync the iphone at home it's on my home calendar (ical).

    As for aps - oh boy. For Miss A - a favorite was Monkey Preschool Lunchbox (though it's recently fallen a bit out of favor, but I think that's because she played it to death). She still really likes the animal colouring book and the Disney Fairies Fly (this one may just be for ipad, can't remember).

    I downloaded the Kobo reader app so that I could start buying the odd e-book off of Chapters online. I like that they are a bit cheaper than paperback, I can order a book from home and start reading it in seconds. I also love having the Bible on my iphone. So nice to pull out when I'm out and about or when I have a few minutes waiting in a parking lot.

  8. I read through all the other comments to see what apps I was messing! :) I've had an iPhone for a little over a year and I want a iPhone 4 so bad! :)

    Some of my favorite apps are....Facebook, The Weather Channel, Pandora, Bible, Goodreads, Nook, Groupon, Living Social and Emoji.

    Hope you enjoy your wonderful new iPhone! :)

  9. How FUN! And where & how did you get started in a $20 club? What a great idea!

  10. oh fun!

    i love the idea of your girls night $20 club. so cool!

    i loved reading everyone's ideas on the apps. i am always looking for something new and fun.

    what are your favorites so far?

  11. Hey tell!!! Favorite app! Lets you talk text.


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