Friday, June 17, 2011


Beautifully ordinary moments taken with my new phone (eek! still so excited) and the wicked instagram app.

My very first iPhone picture.
Oh how I love my little gal.

Abby wearing her favorite fancy party shoes to pick up Evan from school.
(along with her princess dress-up dress)

Just give him his bike and he will love you forever and ever amen. 

She's not big enough for a bike yet....
but this caterpillar suits her just fine.

Do you remember these iron on beads?
My sister and I would spend hours on them. And now happily my girls do too.

I could eat her for breakfast.
Just sayin'.

Blowing dandelion love.

life rearranged


  1. Look at you!! You are already a pro! :)

  2. Such cute pics!!! And YAY for getting an iphone! I'm so addicted to's pathetic!

  3. okay... love the inch worm! My sister and I had one and loved it! And, those beads, totally remember those too. Thanks for sharing these fun photos.

  4. So I've had my phone for a year and a half and I don't have instagram app!! It totally intimidates me! HAHA You ROCK!!! Thank for all the comments you leave Sara! You are the sweetest! xo

  5. These are great - your kids are so cute! Love the shoe shot!

  6. show off with your fancy shmancy i phone and your fancy shmancy apps and your fancy shmancy baby!!!

    i'm jealous... but i love it!

  7. oh elliot is getting so big! we must skype soon.... i miss you and your sweet family.

    i am glad you love instagram. i tried to find you on there. what is your name? i am idahomom. then i can follow your photos!!!

    my kids love the iron on beads.

    our kids are so similar.

    love the pics :o)


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