Friday, June 24, 2011


(i know, i KNOW! two posts in one day. what in the world has gotten into me?!)

here is our week (well actually it's only 3 days worth) of beautifully ordinary moments:

mommy & me house cleaning fun
wish it wasn't so blurry :(

she doesn't suck her thumb but she sure does love her toes ;)

 ikea date with my lovely ladies.

we ended up staying for lunch. 
hot dogs and drinks all around. 
total cost $2.63. 
(and don't worry- the girls had water, not pop. my littles don't need any more sugar. they are already crazy)

oops. i guess they did need sugar.
ice cream for everyone.
so fun.

 my grandpa came over to watch abby and selah while i went to evan's year end prayer time.
he is so, so wonderful
and plays barbies with the best of 'em.

my poor ellie and her mosquito bites.
she has 7 all over her head.
she woke up like this.
those mean mosquitoes must have been eatin' her alive all night.

i cut this tonight for dessert.
'tis the season.
my prediction is that it'll be gone by sunday.
we love us some watermelon around here 

how was your week?

life rearranged


  1. These are adorable... I might have to do an InstaFriday one of these days! I love your girls' outfits... so cute! :)

  2. I love these posts! A peak into your day, makes me feel like I know you better!

  3. i totally use to clean house with babies strapped in the bjourn.

    toes are yummy.

    g-pa playing barbies= love.

    mean mosquitoes. adorable girl.

  4. i am jealous of ikea! i had lance's sister do a run for me before she came to the ranch :o)

    fun days with ice cream.

    poor ellie. darn mosquitoes.

    your grandpa is the best!

  5. Too cute! Don't you just love instagram? It's my new addiction. (Like I needed another one.) Come follow me and I would love you follow you, too!! sdanddoublee


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