Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten on Tuesday- the friday edition :-)

1. My sweet friend Christina has started a new blog. Please oh please go on over, say hello and tell her I sent you. She is one of my dearest friends and I seriously can not say enough about how sweet and kind and funny she is. I seriously {heart} her and know you will too!

2. Speaking of Christina. This is a picture of a picture that she has in her home. I adore it.

3. Ok, one more Christina related post :)
Yesterday she sent me this link. She knew how much I'd love it. We both oohed and ahhed over it. Isn't it just lovely? I want to move into that house. Everything about that room makes my heart happy. EVERYTHING!

4. Have you guys been watching "The Voice"? We have been loving it over here. But, I must live under a rock because I had NO CLUE who one of the judges was. So, I youtubed him and listened to this song and now I seriously can NOT get  out of my head....

5. Back in the fall I had a root canal done. Boo. I also paid for said root canal since our insurance didn't cover it. Double boo. My dentist wanted to finish the post/build up/crown- all of which you need after a root canal, but because he needed to take a bunch of x-rays I opted to wait until after I had Elliot. I just didn't want all that done while I was pregnant. Well before I could go in to finish it up, my tooth broke off. Really? Really? Triple Boo. Ok let's recap. I spent hours getting my root canal done. Spent over $800. And then the tooth broke off anyway. Sigh.

6.Chris is all over country music lately. He played this song and I think I might love it.

7.On father's day we took my dad out for brunch.While we were there someone commented on how much my sweet Ellie sucks on her fingers. It's true. She loves them. Our boy proudly announced that he could stick his whole fist in his mouth. And here is the picture my sister took to prove it. He's awesome.

8. I need help learning how to french braid my daughters hair. My braids are weak. Anyone want to teach me?

9. I have found a new love in Matilda Jane.

10. My brain is tired and I can't think of anything else to say except- Happy Friday Friends! ;0


  1. #2 & #7 totally made me laugh. I actually snorted a little through my nose on #2. #9 is making my want girls really badly!

    Thank you sooo much for your comment on my blog this morning. It encouraged my fragile heart so much. You are so full of God's love.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Sara and encouragement for my blog! I love you like crazy! G and I have been watching The Voice off and on the past few weeks and WOW are those singers something else! We both agree it may have the best talent we've seen on a singing type show! I also need to learn how to braid hair but Cuties hair is too short! I believe my mama is really good at french braids ... she may be able to help :)
    Lastly thanks for the comments today! I have to tell you G and I usually have movie nights for our dates too but after our last one we'll have more candlelit dates too! The TV didn't go on and it was so nice!

  3. You tube taught me how to braid. Love the resource of the world wide web.

    Also, love that your boy can stick his hand in his mouth. He's gonna be just fine at the fat ranch with my boy.

  4. #2 - hilarious!

    Ok seriously love the room in #3. Wow. I want to move in.

    #6 was our theme song for our little getaway. I turn it up like crazy every time it comes on the radio. I love it too.

    #7 - Impressive!

    I can help with #8

    #9 - SO cute. You might also like naartjie if you haven't already heard of it (sizes run a touch small but nicely affordable, especially the stuff on sale!)


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