Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Freezie Cozies

Today is the first day of summer!

We thought we'd celebrate with some icy cold freezies.

I found this awesome idea this morning and couldn't resist making them.
I used the leftover fleece I had from the kid's blankets.
And they took less that 5 mins to make.
Easy Peasy.

Perfect for keeping those little hands warm!

Happy Summer Everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh Sara!! That is the best idea!! When the stomach flu runs through the house I give them the pedialyte freezies and I always warp it with a facecloth because it's so cold on their little hands! I hate the idea of them being sick and then having cold little paws on top of it all!! I have GOT to make some of these! Awesome idea! Thank you!

  2. Thank you for all your beautiful, kind words yesterday! They lifted my spirit on a yucky day! :)

    I like your little ice pop cozies... but I like your kids even more. They are so precious! :)

  3. Fun idea. But I have one question for you...did the cozies stay clean? (Can you tell I'm a neat freak?)


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