Saturday, July 16, 2011


She skips ahead of me.
In a Cinderella dress down to her toes.
A size too big.
I remember her face, earlier, when I said that yes, she could keep her dress-up dress on for our walk.
(I'm known to say no.)
I won't ever forget the way she looked up at me with her big brown eyes full of excitement "Thank you mama!" she gasped.
And now I watch as she happily dances down the sidewalk.
"Watch me skip mama!" 
My Selah. So full of joy.

Her older sister is a few feet ahead.
Showing us how fast she can run.
"See this!" she squeals. "Watch how fast I can go!"
With each quick stride there's a bounce in her skirt.
Her little arms swing fast by her sides as she zooms down the path.
Determined she races ahead.
Ponytail bouncing wild.
My Abby. So full of joy.

He's ahead of them on his bike.
Today he just seems extra big.
He proudly shows us how he can ride with just one hand.
A trick he learnt this week while camping with friends.
"Look at what I can do!" he calls with a smile and a twinkle in his eye.
Holding one arm down he balances for just a few moments and then quickly holds on with both.
With pride he looks back to make sure I was watching.
I give him a thumbs up and he smiles wide.
My Evan. So full of joy.

I see them as they are.
Full of JOY.

Behind them I push our littlest.
Sitting big in her stroller.
I hear her coos and check to see her smiling.
She is growing too fast...and I know it won't be long before she'll be running ahead too.
For now she sits content.
I take her in.
My little Elliot. So full of joy.

My place is here.
My heart is full.
I am present to the presents right in front of me.
Present to His JOY.

I catch myself taking a breath of the now...
Seeing her skip.
Watching her run like the wind.
As he balances while pedaling.
And as she coos I catch her sucking her two fingers.

I stop with thankfulness.
For this moment.
The simple.
The everyday.
The JOY.

I see it in their faces.
They teach me with their smiles.

She hands my a wild clover.
Tells me it's for my wedding.
I feel it in my heart.

Overwhelming. Can't contain it.
Tears in my eyes.

All too often I let it slip by.
But tonight I take notice.
Tonight I slow down.
Tonight I am thankful.

#323 simple evening walk with my four joys


  1. beautiful post Sar! I wonder if it's something the Lord is quickening in the hearts of His kids; I've also been really enjoying watching the boys, soaking in their moments & their personalities - even moreso than ever before...

    Bless you mamma! You're an amazing woman!

  2. "my place is here, my heart is full."


    the Father delights in your praise, and in your contentment of His good and perfect gifts.

    love you friend!

  3. What a beautiful heart you have. Thank you for sharing!

  4. beautiful post. so important to seek the joy everyday!

  5. I love this my sister! I can picture all of the things you said... You have the most beautiful children! I am so thankful they - and you - are my family :) love you all! Xoxoxo

  6. Sooooo beautiful! I can imagine you reading this in years to come and being overwhelmed with sweet memories!

  7. So beautiful. God brings so much joy through our little children. The way you saw them on this day brings joy to my heart. I can just picture it all. :)

  8. so so beautiful.

    i can picture all of this in my mind.

    reading this brought me JOY!

    love you. love your heart my friend.

  9. Beautiful! I love how you took in the moment and just enJOYed it. So hard to do as a mama sometimes.

  10. Sara!! I have missed you. I just got back from a summer away in Montana. I've been checking on you via phone internet- but it wouldn't ever let me comment...
    I say all that to say. I've missed you. Love your heart for your family, children, home, staying in the moment. You just put into words those moments where time almost stands still and you can see God sees them.
    Priceless, precious, "every day" moments that often slip by unnoticed.
    I pray this finds you enjoying the last of your summer- with those beautiful babes...BTW--- the glasses- AdOrAbLe. so stinkin' adorable.


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