Thursday, July 21, 2011

Smarty Pants

It all started a couple months ago at dinner.
We were sitting around enjoying our meal when all of a sudden our little Selah looked up at us and her left eye was completely crossed in.
Out of the blue.
Completely crossed.

It continued to cross throughout the evening and into the following day, so I made an appointment to see our family doctor, who then referred us to a specialist at the children's hospital. And after a couple of months of waiting our little one was given her very first pair of glasses.

It was quite the chore finding a pair small enough to fit her little face, but we ended up finding some that she liked. Purple, no less (her absolute FAV color!)

They have certainly taken some getting use to (we've lost and found them twice already) and we've been back to the store to get them re-adjusted a few times (now, I'm a pro and readjust them myself!) but all in all she's doing great. I think she looks pretty darn cute.

My little smarty pants.
(she looks smarter with glasses, no?)


  1. She is UBER cute, Sara! And my oh my, she looks so grown up!

    I just showed Miss A the pictures and she was begging me to call you. We'll have to set up a playdate soon (assuming my household remains spot-free). :)

  2. She is super cute!! Tell her I love her glasses! :)

  3. Ah cute :) I remember getting glasses very young and thinking that it was sooo cool ;)

  4. She looks adorable!!

    I am facing the same possibility due to my son's nearsightedness after he bumped his head a year or so ago. It gradually has gotten worse and I haven't been able to afford regular chiropractor visits (which may have helped), so we may have to go to the eye doctor, too.

  5. My gosh that just melts my heart! She is the cutest little thing ever. I love her little girl glasses! She looks so much older with them.

  6. i LOVE LOVE LOVE her in her glasses. she looks absolutely darling and very very smart!!

  7. She is perfectly adorable in those glasses. Purple is my fave too. :)

  8. shhh, don't tell anyone i'm cheating on maui-cation and dropping byu blogville... BUT i had to tell you selah looks ADORABLE! i want to smooch her smartiness.

  9. Not a little girl anymore and such a cutie :)

  10. I miss your posts, sweet Sara!! I hope you are your adorable family are doing well! :)


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