Monday, September 12, 2011

Missing You

 I just wanted to quickly come on here and tell YOU  that I miss you.
ALL of you.... my besties that live in my computer.

I have thought of you often.
I have missed you.
Our conversations.
Your stories.

I have also really missed writing.... but don't know if I can even form coherent sentences anymore...
I am so far behind that I feel too overwhelmed to even start.
Have you ever been here too?
I feel the desire to pull away and yet so desperately want to stay connected....

This season is tough.
I am really trying to find balance.
Obviously I haven't found it yet... ;)

But I had to come on here and tell you... everything is good. I'm just taking a little bit of time in an effort to find a way to "do it all" :)
Is it even possible????


  1. Ahhh I totally know what you mean!! May God reveal your identity in Him more deeply every single day! John 15:)

  2. i miss you too. take your time. your besties love you whether you are here or not. i know i do.

    and there is no doing it all. get rid of that expectation. do what you can, the best you can, for Him, and for His glory.

    love you friend!

  3. Sara,

    I am going through the EXACT same thing right now. There are just too many words in my head to form a coherent blog post. I can't do it all. I just can't. Miss you :)

  4. I agree with Denise! And I am having a hard time creating coherent sentences, too. Feeling very uninspired.

    Write what you can, when you can. We'll still be here to love you and cheer you on! :)

  5. I think as bloggers we go through seasons. Sometimes there are times when posts just form themselves and some seasons there is just a quietness. I find in my own life that often times the periods of lapse on a blog correlate to a busy home life. And that's ok! Soak in your kids, survive the busy times and the days when you feel like you have a few extra minutes or something to say, pop onto your space. :)

    Oh and if you ever figure out how to do it all (ha!) you have to let me in on the secret m'kay ;)

  6. I feel so much better after reading your post...and even your comments written above! I think summer is such a busy season that leaves such little time to blog! I hope you're having a blast doing whatever it is you're doing this summer!
    I'll still be here when you get back. :)

  7. I've just gone through a VVEERRYY long time of not feeling inspired, so I totally get this. Sometimes, it's time to just listen to God and what He is saying through your life. Maybe this is one of those times. Hope you are enjoying the journey.

  8. I love you, Sara.

    I do.

    For the quiet and gentle way you go about loving your family and how that spills over into this blog - at the right time and with the right heart.

    I have just been through one of these seasons - and guess what? I found inspiration, again. Or maybe inspiration found me.

    It will find you, again. When the dust settles on this season.

    I get this.

    And, I get you.


  9. I went through the exact same emotions when Brayden was this age... I was told by a seasoned mother that I was "in the trenches" of motherhood. Meaning, we maintain but quite often do not ever "get ahead" or complete all the tasks we want to. She said it so KNOWINGLY that I honestly teared up. She rubbed my shoulders and said these were the days that I'll someday empty my bank account to re-visit. And these are often thoughts that run through my mind and heart when I have "one of those" days now. With Brayden being 2, those days are fewer and further between. But girlfriend, I know. Trust me, as a mama to 4 littles and a budding photog- God daily must pour His grace out on me. Plus I asked him which corners to cut and to redeem any lost time. He is the creator of time - and He can do above anything we ask, think, or imagine. I know you're a Prov 31 woman who can do anything through Him- keep looking up!
    love you friend!


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