Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Fun Idea

Want to entertain your kids for HOURS? 
Fill up a kiddie pool with water and add bubble bath. 
Simple. Easy. Fun. 
Seriously. My girls played in here ALL DAY LONG! 

Happy Summer! xoxo 


  1. What great memories captured! Once again, you inspire & challenge me!

  2. I miss all your frequent posting, my dear friend.

    Remember when we had more of that luxurious, precious TIME? Was just thinking of what a support you were to me when Brayden was sick, how excited I was for you as you got your photog biz off the ground. Lots of changes since then.
    Time seems to be racing by on some days,
    but I wanted to stop and take a moment to say I'm thinking of you and admire how you prioritize and balance your blessings. You are truly a light for me.

  3. ...and these b/w photos of your darling girls?


    you've gotta get a collage on canvas of this one. they will smile every time they see it - even brayden looked at it with me and started squealing with delight. looks sooo fun!


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