Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I need to quiet the noise.
I'm not talking about the physical noise in my home (though it does rise to epic levels with 4 little ones running around.)
No, I'm talking about the constant noisy buzz that comes with our culture.

Some people can find a balance between (social) media and "real life".
I can't.
For me, they are intermingled.
I find worth in the comments and likes.
I find acceptance.
And value.

Some days I get lost in catching up on everyone else's everyday that I tend to neglect my own.
And let's be honest... sometimes I can't stop myself from checking in with these sites all day long.

There are so many positives to staying plugged in.
I love the realness.
And the encouragement.
I love the relationships built.
And hope that can be shared.

But mixed in with all of that is SO.MUCH.NOISE.

Yesterday I deleted facebook off my phone.
I hit unsubscribe to many companies through email.

And I made a big decision regarding my business. 

There is a shift going on.

A soft whisper on my heart, calling me to simplify.
Slow down.

It's time to start over.
With a new beginning.

Have you ever felt like that?
That life seems to have just taken over and you are powerless to stop the "treadmill" you are on?

Friends, I'm hopping off.

My hope is to be present.
For my family.
And for the One who's whispers I can now hear after silencing some of the noise...



  1. Somewhat sad with this post but totally understand :) Want to have coffee and kids can play one day? Do this face to face :)

  2. Oh yes, I have felt like that, Sara. Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart. Praying I can hop off the treadmill and be more present, too. xoxoxo

    1. thanks stacey. i fee; like i step off... then get back on... then step off... hoping to find some balance this time around ;)

  3. My prayer is that your heart is settled and you are where God wants you to be. I'll miss you, though :)

  4. It is so hard to find balance... work, family, social media and network... it's so hard to stay connected, but not get caught up and lost... I have felt these feelings...I feel these feelings...but I like how you have described these feelings as noise-- that can sometimes and often times distract us from what is really important!


  5. So have you found a balance yet? I think my biggest problem is FB... check it way too many times. When I actually get off the treadmill and leave it alone, I feel better... I feel more present. Sometimes I've tried making a "list" of people whose updates I'd really like to interact with, cause really I can't keep up with that many people!


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