Saturday, February 2, 2013


Are you on Instagram?

If you are I'd love for you to join me in a little project for the month of February. Everyday this month I am going to take a picture of something I love. I want to be intentional and really take the time to slow down and "notice" the many lovely things in my life :) 

I'm using the hashtag #28lovefilleddays.

If you want to join in please feel free! Just take a picture of something you love and use the hashtag in your comment. I'd love to see all the things you love this month too! 

Here's my baby. I love that she loves books as much as her mama does :)


  1. A beautiful idea. I don't know how to use instagram (I'm not even embarrassed to admit it)... I do love this idea to use the social media in positive and loving way :-)

  2. I have been quietly doing this project on my own. I think at some point a long time ago I didn't download an instagram update and my feed can no longer be shared. Which I will confess, I've never really tried to fix. But I have faithfully snapped and am going to put a collage together later today. :)

    I've been telling Chris my phone is "broken". I keep hoping a "5" will magically appear to replace it. So far no luck - lol!


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