Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Online Beginner Photography Class

After many inquiries, I have been working hard at making the beginner photography class I teach available to everyone- including those who live far, far away! I am so excited to share that it is now available to attend online! And from now until tonight at 8pm you'll save $25 off the registration fee!

This online class is for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles {really anyone & everyone} who has a nice camera and wants to learn how to use it to it’s full potential. We will cover the technical side of photography- how to use all those fancy dials, but also it’s a  class that will push your creativity and help you to begin to see the world differently. It will challenge you to think about what your pictures say and help you to move from taking snapshots to really capturing memories!

Each week we will cover a different topic. Students will receive a password to view an online video each week and will have access to these videos for the duration of the course + 2 weeks after the course has ended. You will also receive a PDF download to have to be able to reference back all that you have learned. After each video is released students may email me any questions they may have on the topic for that week. Often learning comes from the questions someone else may have and I want us all to be encouraged and learn together, so relevant FAQs will be made into a PDF download as well.

Week One: Exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO and how to use them all together)

Week Two: Your equipment- camera dials, lens choices- how to decide what you need & when, with a review on exposure.

Week Three: Light & Composition

Week Four: Thinking Creatively (how to take better images, ideas on different projects to train your eye to see differently, practical ways to get authentic expressions from your kids- I have four kids myself and have a few tricks up my sleeve!)

The first online class will be in May. The videos will be released each Wednesday- May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd. Videos will remain up for viewing until June 12th, 2013.

Regular price:
Single seat-
$150 (+gst)
Booking with a friend (each)-
$125 (+gst)

**24 hour sale from 8pm on Tuesday March 5th, 2013- 8pm on Wednesday March 6th, 2013.

Single seat- $125 (+gst)
Booking with a friend (each)- $100 (+gst)

Please click here to book your seat!

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