Monday, May 26, 2014

Turning Six

My Sweet Selah,

Last night I told you that I'd like you to stay 5 for another year. "Five was a fun year, why don't you just stay little awhile longer?" You giggled and sang out "Noooo, I need to keep groooooowing!"

While I wish I could bottle up your innocence and stop time my prayer for you is that you would keep growing..... in kindness, compassion, joy and in your faith.

As I sit here thanking God for the precious gift you are to me I smile and am reminded of how unique and beautiful you are. What a wonderful blessing you are to our family!

You are so very silly and sweet. When you find something especially funny you laugh this deep belly laugh.  I adore that laugh. And when you start.... well, the room quickly follows.

You are kind and sensitive. You notice when someone needs a friend. When someone needs a hug. You care. You show this all the time in the way you treat your brother and sisters, and the way you serve our family. You are always the first to pull up a chair and offer to help cook dinner.  Often I'll find myself sitting on the couch deep in thought about something and you'll curl up beside me and lay your head on my shoulder.
Simply put- you love being with people. I love that about you.

You are the one who I find making up songs and dancing around the house. I love that you worship Jesus with your heart all day long. You are a quiet preformer....I see you practicing your songs and skits with your sisters and then when it's time to preform you giggle and wiggle and that deep belly laugh comes out.

You are also so creative. You are gifted in working with your hands and I am so impressed by the artwork you create. You are truly a lovely artist. I can't wait to watch you develop your skills as you grow!

I think one of the qualities I most admire in you is that you don't give up. Even when something is difficult and doesn't come naturally to you, you always try your best. I love that about you. You teach me to do the same.

Happy 6th birthday my sweet little lady!
I love you a bushel and a peck.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! 6....! How is that possible?!

  2. How is she possibly 6?! This post had me in tears, friend. I adore her. She has the most beautiful heart and amazing laugh. Happy Birthday Selah! And I love your bedding!

  3. What a lovely post! And such fun pictures!

    Happy birthday to your sweet six year old :)


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