Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Homemade Fun!

All of my childhood birthdays are filled with memories of the awesome homemade cakes my mom would make.
She did everything from a "Sweet Shop" (for me) to an "Enchanted Castle"( for my sister) to a "Six-car Train" (for my baby brother) to a "Robot" (for my older brother.)

Our birthday cakes were always the highlight of the party, and it was just a very "sweet" *grin* way that my mom showed her love for us.

When I had kids I wanted to do the same for them. It is just a great way to pass on a tradition from one of my favorite memories of my mom. Plus, I really do love making them!

Last Thursday was our big girls 2nd birthday and I made her this Dora cake. So easy and she absolutely loved it!
She actually shares her birthday with her Papa (Chris' Dad), but because he had to work the night of their birthday (bummer!) we celebrated his birthday on Saturday. My job was to bring the cake. Now, normally when I am making a cake for an adult I tone it down a bit. But this year I decided to have a little fun....

My father-in-law LOVES fishing!

Now I realize that it is not the most professional looking cake but I enjoyed making it and his reaction was priceless!

Making Homemade Birthday Cakes Works for Me!


  1. What a darling cake! This would be perfect to do for my father-in-law!

  2. That cake is SUPER CUTE! And what a special gift to carry with you always that your Mom made many beautiful creations with love for YOU and your loved ones. You're blessed. :)

  3. Could you put September 12th on your calendar? That's my birthday, and I'd love a super special cake like this. ;) Seriously, how fun is this? Fantastic!

  4. HA! I absolutely love it!

    Fantastic job!!!

  5. I love it!! That's such a cute cake! I too am trying to make nice cakes for my kids, last year I attempted to make a soccer ball cake for my oldest son, but it didn't really look like one...but it tasted good!

  6. are those actually cupcakes? you're creative! put me down for nov. 16th :-)

  7. Way to go!! I tried to make a Nemo cake for my son once...it wasn't very pretty. I'm impressed!!

  8. Absolutely adorable! Love it. I love making homemade cakes, too. I took a cake decorating class when I was engaged and learned so much.

    You're so creative. I LOVE this fishing cake.

  9. Love the little people and duplo :-).

  10. What a darling cake! This would be perfect to do for my father-in-law!


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